Feb 21

Vacuuming Carpet

This blog post is going to cover best practice for vacuuming carpet.


Important: Always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when undertaking any cleaning task and follow the manufacturer’s product use and where relevant dilution guidance.

Choose the most suitable vacuum for the job you are doing.

Ensure that you set up your vacuum cleaner correctly. Your vacuum cleaner height should be set to the level where the beater bar is just touching the top of the carpet fibres. This will ensure that you remove more particulate soil.

Vacuum the carpet in blocks starting with the area furthest from the door. Move from left to right making sure that you overlap on each sweep.

Take care when vacuuming carpets with a pile. You should always vacuum in the direction of the pile.

Use the tool brush attachments to clean difficult to reach areas, particularly next to skirting boards and in corners.

Change the vacuum bag regularly before it is full. Ideally you should replace it when it is between a third and half full. Beyond this point your vacuum potentially can lose up to 75% of its suction vacuuming power.


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