Jun 03


We often hear a lot of buzzwords about being green and most of the time no one tells you exactly what they mean. It can easily become confusing, so today we’re going to tell you a little about what we mean by being green.

Sustainability and its meaning

The key word frequently used in the context of being green is sustainability.

You might have heard or seen the claims made by companies that they are a ‘green company who operates in a sustainable way’. What does this mean? In general terms sustainability in an environmental context is all about meeting business goals in a way that reduces the consumption of natural resources and minimises any potentially harmful effects on the environment.

How does Gopher achieve sustainability?

At Gopher, we place great emphasis on sustainability. How do we achieve this?

Quite simply, we start with the products we sell. By promoting system products, such as concentrated cleaning chemicals, which have much better cost in use characteristics than the non-concentrated (water filled) alternatives. Better cost in use means that a very small amount of chemical added to water will go much further, clean more items and last longer, and you will get more from the product for every pound you spend.

This is great for sustainability in many different ways. For example, because the product lasts longer, you have to replace it less often. This leads to fewer deliveries having to be made, and therefore ultimately fewer vehicle journeys (and even vehicles) on the road, consuming less petrol and producing fewer emissions.

As well, we promote sustainability by working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging on their products, and any waste packaging that is generated, is collected together and sent for recycling.

We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable. Our latest project involves investigating ways to reduce energy usage at our various warehouses, for example by the implementation of alternative energy efficient LED lighting.

In these and so many other ways Gopher can truly claim to operate sustainability, and our Environmental Policy is developed in line with the international standard BS EN ISO 14001:2004 under which we are accredited.

For more information see http://www.gophersupplies.co.uk/environment.aspx or you can email any questions to sales@gophersupplies.co.uk.