Jun 21

Professional kitchen hand dishwashing

This article is going to cover best practice for dishwashing by hand.


Important: Always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when undertaking any cleaning task and follow the manufacturer’s product use and where relevant dilution guidance.

Ensure that there are racks either side of the sink for stacking and drying dishes, cutlery and other items of kitchen equipment to be hand washed.

Protect your hands with appropriate disposable kitchen gloves. These should be strong enough to resist tears from sharp edges on knives and other items of equipment.

Scrape off food debris from cutlery and crockery and dispose of it into a waste bin.

Fill a first sink with detergent diluted with hot water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use water at around 110F. Wash all items thoroughly.

Fill a second sink and rinse all items with hot water. The rinse water should remain clear and be changed regularly.

Fill a third sink with hot water and a sanitising solution. Add the appropriate sanitising solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The solution should be regularly changed.

Sanitise all items in the sanitising solution before rinsing again and draining.

Allow all items to air dry thoroughly before use.

Clean all the sinks thoroughly when you have finished using a kitchen sink cleaner.


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