Jun 12

Great news from Butterflies

We’ve done it! Thanks to the massive efforts of Cathy Campbell we have raised enough money to buy Vectra 3D imaging machine!

The last push was the Adele tribute night held at the Novotel, Birmingham on Saturday 1st June. This was the third event Cathy has organised to raise the funds for this amazing machine. The first event was a black tie evening held at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham, the second was a ladies luncheon at Jimmy Spices restaurant in Sutton Coldfield, with the Adele night making the third and final event.

Cathy was determined to take a positive out of her negative experience with breast cancer, which we think she has managed to do! The Vectra 3D machine will be installed in City Hospital. Birmingham and will be an amazing asset to the hospital and its surgeons.

The machine will be used primarily to help women who are having reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Using Vectra 3D they can see the potential reconstruction as a 3D image before the start of surgery. This is especially helpful for example in the case of a single mastectomy (the removal of one breast) as it is significantly easier for the surgeon to ‘match’ the new breast to the existing one.

The machine will also be used to help burn victims and babies with cleft lip and palate. Again before surgery the surgeon can see the potential reconstruction in 3D and manipulate the image before the surgery.

As the Vectra 3D system is used all over the world, the scans can be sent to other surgeons anywhere in the world to consult on without the patient needing to travel.

Finally, Cathy would like to offer one piece of advice to everyone: if you feel any changes in your breast at all go straight to your GP!

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