Nov 01

Cleaning cooker hoods

This blog post is about best practice for cleaning cooker hoods.


Important: Always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when undertaking any cleaning task and follow the manufacturer’s product use and where relevant dilution guidance.

Cooker extractor hoods and filters can be very difficult to clean if they have not been regularly cleaned. The number one rule is not to let the grease build up to any great extent in the first place. You should implement a regular cleaning regime to avoid large greasy deposits.

A dirty filter means that the extractor fan has to be run at a higher setting to achieve the expected results and this increases the energy consumption and noise. Therefore the grease filter in a cooker hood should be regularly cleaned – about once a month.

For the main element of the cooker hood use an appropriate kitchen degreaser, applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Put the degreaser onto a clean disposable cloth and scrub clean.

Some cooker hoods have disposable, changeable filters which are easy to replace, saving you the effort of cleaning.

If your cooker hood is equipped with stainless steel filters you can clean them to their original shine by putting them in a dishwasher. If the filters are aluminium, they may be damaged or possibly discoloured by dishwasher detergent. Consult the manufacturer’s recommended instructions before you clean your filter in this way.


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