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May 23

Sanitise, clean, descale, your kitchen

This blog post will cover best practice for sanitising kitchen equipment. Sanitising kitchen equipment Apply kitchen sanitiser onto a cloth according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean the equipment surface. You should rinse the surface thoroughly with water after having applied the sanitiser to remove any traces of chemical residue. Dry the surface with a disposable …

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Mar 14

Vacuuming hard floors

This blog post is going to cover best practice for vacuuming hard floors. Choose the most suitable vacuum for the job. You need one that has a hard floor or bare floor setting. Always select the hard floor setting before you begin as the usual default carpet setting could result in the brush damaging the …

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Feb 21

Vacuuming Carpet

This blog post is going to cover best practice for vacuuming carpet. Choose the most suitable vacuum for the job you are doing. Ensure that you set up your vacuum cleaner correctly. Your vacuum cleaner height should be set to the level where the beater bar is just touching the top of the carpet fibres. …

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Feb 07

Wet mopping of hard floors

This blog post is going to cover the best practice for wet mopping hard floors. Ensure that you have the right mop for the job. In a double bucket system fill one bucket with cold water and floor cleaner or detergent diluted to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the mop wringer on the second empty bucket. …

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Jan 17

Cleaning entrance matting

This blog post is about the best practice for cleaning entrance matting. Ensure adequate ventilation to the area in which you are working, open doors and windows as necessary. Place safety signs where they can be clearly seen. Use a suitable vacuum cleaner on its most powerful setting. Vacuum each side of the mat several …

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Jun 28

How to maintain your floor part 3: Floor maintenance

Once you have stripped and polished your floor, a few simple floor maintenance procedures will help keep your floor in good condition and extend the care cycle, before you once again have to strip and polish your floor. In the last of our three articles, we set out for you simple floor maintenance tasks. Important As …

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May 22

How to maintain your floor part 2: Floor polishing

Taking care of your floor: floor polishing As we said in our previous article (How to maintain your floor part 1: Stripping the floor), laying a new or refurbishing an existing floor often involves a significant investment of cost and effort, but with a little care and attention you can keep your floor in great …

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Apr 25

How to maintain your floor part 1: Stripping the floor.

This is the first in a 3 part series of guides on the best way to maintain your floor and keep it looking great. In this first part we’re going to cover the best way of stripping your floor. Part 2 will cover polishing your floor and part 3 will cover the regular maintenance that …

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