Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 28

How to maintain your floor part 3: Floor maintenance

Once you have stripped and polished your floor, a few simple floor maintenance procedures will help keep your floor in good condition and extend the care cycle, before you once again have to strip and polish your floor. In the last of our three articles, we set out for you simple floor maintenance tasks. Important As …

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Jun 21

Professional kitchen hand dishwashing

This article is going to cover best practice for dishwashing by hand. Ensure that there are racks either side of the sink for stacking and drying dishes, cutlery and other items of kitchen equipment to be hand washed. Protect your hands with appropriate disposable kitchen gloves. These should be strong enough to resist tears from …

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Jun 14

Cleaning meat and cheese slicers

Cleaning meat and cheese slicers, user guide for the commercial kitchen. Best practice steps. Clean the slicer after every use Turn off the power supply and unplug the machine. The blade guard must be used and be set to zero so that the knife edge is not exposed. Put on cut resistant gloves. Scrape off …

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Jun 12

Great news from Butterflies

We’ve done it! Thanks to the massive efforts of Cathy Campbell we have raised enough money to buy Vectra 3D imaging machine! The last push was the Adele tribute night held at the Novotel, Birmingham on Saturday 1st June. This was the third event Cathy has organised to raise the funds for this amazing machine. …

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Jun 03

Sanitising food preparation surfaces

Sanitising food preparation surfaces in a commercial kitchen. Best practice steps Remove food debris from all food preparation surfaces and rinse with water. Use hot water and detergent to clean surfaces. Use hot water to remove the detergent. Apply the kitchen sanitiser according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to air dry.